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The Easy 2 Hour Party was written by a birthday party magician who – after attending thousands of kid’s birthday parties – got a clear picture of what works and what doesn’t at a children’s birthday parties. More importantly, he saw where parents unwittingly wasted their hard earned money. Don’t waste your time and money making the same mistakes. Get your FREE 2 Hour Easy Party Consumer Guide right now and see just how easy it will be for you , your partner, your guests and your birthday child. Discover the 5 steps to your most memorable kid’s party – a party where you actually have time enjoy what will be special family memories

  1. Order a cake
  2. Throw in some simple grab and go snacks
  3. Let your party expert take over your party and free you up
  4. Wave goodbye to all with your big smile
  5. Get ready to be called the most awesome Mum in the whole world!
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What happy families are saying …

Julian is all kinds of awesome; he’s the kids’ entertainer that parents dream about. From the moment he arrives – no, ten minutes before he even arrives – he has them captivated: “Is he here yet?! Is that his car?!? I think I can hear Julian’s car!!!” Then, Julian enters the party – and it’s on. The children immediately and completely adore him – Julian makes big and little kids laugh and giggle, really giggle, like no-one else. And not for a minute here and there, but for the whole show. It’s heaven for the Mum of the party, let me tell you! Don’t chat though, or you’ll miss him! Don’t let the other parents talk over the show either – shut them up and tell them to watch Julian. They’ll not only really enjoy the show, they’ll ask where you found him, etc etc. We’ve booked Julian twice now and there’s no doubt he’ll be a fixture at our birthday parties in the years to come. I may have even occasionally used Julian’s name as bribery, ahem… I mean, for rewards-based behaviour management. As in: “Stop hitting your brother or there’ll be NO JULIAN AT YOUR PARTY!”
Melanie Stott, Toowong
“It was a risk picking someone off the internet we did not know beforehand but the risk was well worth it. We would highly recommend you for all age groups.”
Geoff & Kellie Reinke, Thagoona
“You really were so good, great even! We were all so impressed at how you were able to pitch the show for the ages, and how professional your setup was while still being friendly and accessible. Parents still come up and ask me for your details … Really Julian, I was hugely impressed!”
Liz Pickering, Newmarket
“”Julian’s magic show is fantastic.He has the amazing ability to make both the kids & adults laugh. Highly recommended for children’s parties. You can hire him with full trust he will keep everyone highly entertained. 5 Star performer.”
Andrea Duff, Eatons Hill

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